Fast Food Fiction is exactly that: Flash Fiction and Short Shorts written quickly with little regard to style, tone, voice, plot, characterization, theme, and all those other craft elements writers spend ungodly hours worried about but which are of little interest to Real Readers. Real Readers just want good stories.

The premise of Fast Food Fiction is the belief that shorter is better: Multum in Parvo:

ˌmo͝oltəm in ˈpärvō,ˌ mo͝oltəm in ˈpärwō,  mul·tum in par·vo

noun: multum in parvo
a great deal in a small space.
Origin–Latin, literally ‘much in little.’

None of these quick fast tales is serious; none is expected to elicit pleasurable mental drools; none is expected to be examined, studied, or anthologized in little read dust-collector-paper-weight MFA collections; none is worth any more than the effort it took to write and the time it takes to read each one

Each tale is merely an exercise in maniacal fast-paced writing.

Each tale is inspired by single words suggested by Facebook Friends, crossword puzzle clues, strange people walking by my window, house noises that have no rational explanation, or just shear energy-draining boredom.


Tales range from simple sentences to wordy paragraphs to 500-1,000 word flashes. The shortest tales take one-two minutes to write; the longer ones may be given a whole 25-45 minutes.

The only rule is There are no Rules.

Any similarity between any of these tiny tales and quality fiction is purely coincidental. If you, Curious Reader, find anything remotely redeeming and worthwhile in any of these tiny tales, I’m impressed.

Fast Food Fiction is improvised writing. As with improv actors, words are thrown at me, and, with less than a couple minutes of preparatory thinking, I set off on a maddening dash to let the words write their quick tale.

This is pure, unadulterated, unfiltered, unedited, unapologetic raw fat-for-the-brain fiction.

What is Fast Food Fiction? (explanation from 01 June 2015)

FFF is an exercise in writing for me, timed writing from random prompts as I would give my students. I ask for ten random words, and then I write a flash fiction story, giving myself only 25-45 minutes to write. Once I post a Fast Food Fiction tale, I tag those who provided me with the words for that day.
CAVEAT: If you send me a word to use, I won’t always use the word in the more acceptable mundane meaning–I’ll use the word in a way that fits into the Fast Food Fiction tale, carving the word into a story as my fevered brain sees the word at that particular point into time.
These stories are not meant to be literate in any why, shape, or form. These flash tales are the warm-ups before I start my “real” writing for the day, a way to get my brain into thinking in writer’s mode, much as an athlete warms up before a competition.
What you see here is somewhat cleaned up. I write the original tales on a 1950 Royal Quiet De Luxe portable typewriter (just like the one Hemingway used!). I do not, however, change anything that you read here–all the blemishes, bumps, and scars of a writer’s rough original are here. This is raw, unadulterated, and unedited fiction–bloody and pure.
I stole this idea from a group of poets who write Short Order Poems.


LMG Swain

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